A miscarriage of diagnosis

PCR testing for COVID aims to  detect individuals who have a high likelihood of being infectious. False positive test results have more than one cause in PCR testing and productive conversations about them require these categories to be distinguished. The operational false positive rate refers to the rate of error across the whole process.  This…

Links to other publications on COVID

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Characteristics of Patients on ITU

Admissions to ITU will be biased by circumstances in spring vs September. For example, in spring only the sickest and younger patients were given an ITU because of fear of more patients coming in the next few days. In September, the threshold for admission is likely lower for patients who are at higher risk e.g.…

Have you got COVIDITIS?

Juliet might have been right about the rose smelling just sweet by another name but what we name things is critical.  A rose by any other name is a mislabelled rose. What we label as COVID is critical to tackling the problems we face. What is COVID? The case definitions that were set out at…


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