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Talk Radio interviews


Escape from Lockdown

Transcript of Escape from Lockdown podcast

Make Lockdowns History with Dan Astin-Gregory

Interview with Nick Hudson of PANDA

AdapNation interview with Steve Katasi

British Medical Journal

Evidence of asymptomatic spread is insufficient to justify mass testing for Covid-19


The PHE data that goes against the narrative – Hunting down symptomatic COVID-19

Lockdown Sceptics

Notifiable Disease Data and the Case for the Epidemic Phase of COVID-19 being a Spring Phenomenon

Has the evidence for asymptomatic spread been overstated? (Full paper on asymptomatic spread here)

How COVID deaths are overcounted

Mass testing by the army turns out to be a good thing

How many people with flu-like illness are being mislabelled as COVID?

When is COVID 19 not COVID 19

The Spectator

Our testing regime is dangerously flawed – here’s how to fix it

COVID-19 and the false positive trap

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